Stay fit during quarantine!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Life is a little less crazy right now than normal right? Corona virus has us all staying home as much as possible which means we are all less active right?? This doesn't have to be the case! Do you know that I have worked out from home for the majority of my adult life?? I recently joined the gym, and then my car broke down on the way home, and now COVID! hahaha!

Needless to say, I have had to get creative with my workouts and now i get to share some of them with you! I can't share them all because some are not free to the public, ie workouts I receive from friends/trainers, but I will share all of them that I can!

First and foremost, all of these that I am sharing are 100% free to the public! Some are YouTube workouts, some are websites, some are just plain things you can do around the house!

So here we go! My 3 go-to at-home workouts!

1. High Fitness- This is a HIIT workout that combines aerobics with toning and is just plain FUN! Each instructor offers modifications you can do if you're not quite ready for burpees, deep squats, etc. There are currently 3 ways you can get High at home...

  • YouTube- if you're not ready to join a class, but you want to try it, there are 2 High Fitness playlists you can choose from by clicking HERE.
  • High Fitness Live classes- This is not like ZOOM classes where you have to option of having your camera on. This is just the owners and other instructors streaming LIVE classes with new songs and lots of energy!
  • ZOOM classes- This gets more tricky to link to specific instructors that are in your area but I can tell you how to get to one of my favorite instructor's class (click the link in her bio), OR you can head over to the High Fitness INSTAGRAM and find an instructor in your area on THIS POST 
  • 2. Good ol' weight training! If you really want to tone up then do some weight training... Grab whatever you have on hand- weights, milk jugs, small children, toilet paper. You get the idea. Then do a combination of workouts! I will link my PINTEREST BOARD that has some good combinations for you to try out.

3. The last thing that is my go-to when we are stuck at home is just getting outside! Go for a walk, run, bike ride! This can be especially helpful if you have kids at home too.. they are definitely going to have the wiggles and will like getting out and moving as much as you will.

Lastly, I want to list a few that others have shared with me but I haven't tried yet. 
As I find others I will add them to the list, so feel free to comment here or send me a message on INSTAGRAM to let me know about other workouts you love! 

Also, just a little plug for my FAVE workout clothes because everyone works out better and more often when you have cute workout clothes. Haha! Click HERE for my favorites!

Happy haha!

xo, Sharee
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30+ Creative things to do with your kids!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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WOW!!! Everything is closing... Like everything... We are all encouraged to.... stay home... as much as possible... And when you have kids... that can be soooo hard! Stir crazy much?! Well, to help give everyone something to break up the monotony each day, my son and I came up with 30 fun things to do over the next month! I will be explaining the activities each day we will be doing them on INSTAGRAM, and if you're doing them too, I would LOVE for you to tag me so I can see too!

 So here goes...

1. Pillow hop obstacle course- place pillows on the ground and hope from pillow to pillow without touching the floor.
2. Build forts
3. Treasure hunt for your afternoon snack, I'll give ideas where to hide that day.
4. Legothon! Build something fun! Doesn't have to be with legos, can be with blocks, rocks, etc!
5. Make Homemade bookmarks
6. Paint something
7. Origami
8. Go on a hike
9. What's in the box?? Put holes in a box big enough for your hands/arms to fit. Take turns putting things in the box and guessing what is inside.
10. Write a story
11. Facetime relatives
12. Dance battle
13. Put on a play
14. Prank each other
15. Movie Theater- at home
16. Fashion Show
17. Make up secret handshakes
18. Game tournament
19. Service star- take turns doing nice things for each other and leave a star behind, then it's that person's turn to do something nice
20. Chicken races- take old t-shirts and put arms and legs through the arm holes and race around
21. Make puppets with paper plates or bags and do a puppet show
22. Write a song!
23. Find a craft to do with supplies you have on hand
24. Scavenger Hunt- walk around your home/neighborhood and find all the things on the list, that I will provide!
25. Make homemade bubbles
26. Don't let the balloon drop
27. Fill in the Madlib
28. Milk Jug HORSE- take turns tossing a ball into an empty milk jug and play HORSE
29. Paper airplane tournament- Whose will go the farthest??
30. See who can come up with the wackiest outfit

BONUS activities: Sidewalk chalk, make a stain glass window with colored tissue paper or regular paper, Trace hands/feet/body and color them, red light/green light, Simon says, Telephone, indoor picnic, sardines, mosaic art.

Get your friends to do it with you and send pictures, or Marco Polo, or FaceTime! And I want to see too! So make sure you tag me on Instagram (@themomhack) so I can see too!

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What to get the Hubs for Easter....

Monday, March 16, 2020

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Court is literally the MOST thoughtful guy I know... I mean, it's never been said that we have to do things for each other on holidays like Valentine's Day or Easter... BUT let's just say that for Valentine's Day this year, he blew it out of the park and I showed up with a jar of Reese's Hearts, minus the Jar.

ANYWAY, as soon as that happened, I started thinking about Easter for my man.. getting stuff for kids is SO easy, right? Jammies, bubbles and you're good! But for the husband?? And right now, the great COVID-19 craziness.... YIKES.

Anyway, I came up with a list of 50 things you can get your man! Lots off Amazon - yes there are affiliate links, use them if you want, or not! Up to you. The ideas are FREE. But you can click HERE for my AMAZON STORE FRONT Easter basket ideas for Dad! I didn't link everything on the list cuz your guy will have different tastes than mine but there is a price range for all budgets!

1. BBQ grill cover
2. Grill tongs, and flipper
3. Grilling Apron
4. Skewers for meat
5. Gift Card- for eating out (after COVID-19 goes away), or a sporting good store
6. Book
7. Swim suit
8. Sandals
9. Hammer
10. Tool list is basically endless
11. Shoes
12. New pants
13. New shirt
14. Car Washing Kit
15. Game to play with kids, maybe croquet, or badminton
16. Sports Ball
17. Tool box
18. Portable grill
19. Watch
20. Wallet
21. Belt
22. Tie
23. Shower radio
24. Water bottle
25. New socks
26. Sunglasses
27. Beard trimming kit
28. Noise cancelling headphones
29. GPS unit
30. Fishing pole

1. His favorite candy
2. Trailmix
3. Nuts
4. Reese's anything
5. Beef Jerky
6. Sunflower seeds
7. Favorite drink
8. Gum
9. Mints
10. Oreos
11. Pretzels
12. Coupon for his favorite dinner, make it that week for date night
13. Gummy bears/worms/etc
14. Swedicsh Fish
15. Peeps
16. Cute Candygram
17. Popcorn
18. Beef sticks
19. Pringle can
20. Easter Candy

K there you go! Happy shopping! Stay healthy!

xoxo, Sharee
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Mom's March Madness!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

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Who's ready for a little March Madness??? But Mom style!! Yessss!!! Our houses are going to be SO CLEAN! Well, at least until our kids and husbands wake up each day... Haha! At least it will FEEL cleaner, right?! Woot!

Momma looooves a clean house!

Here is the Calendar! You can check back here each day for the tasks, OR you can take a minute right now and add it all to your calendar!

Here are a few tips for staying successful 
and getting it done each day!

  • Make it happen at a time that is MOST convenient for you. I like to get cleaning done first thing in the morning, but that doesn't always work for everyone.
  • Reward yourself each day for completing a task! You know.. maybe grab that yummy package of Oreos and give yourself a couple each day after you're done.
  • Post to your stories and tag me (@themomhack) so I can share and we can cheer each other on!
  • Get your friend's to do it too! Having a buddy is ALWAYS a good idea!
  • Check my stories each day for tips specific to the area we are working on that day.

I'm excited to be collaborating with Kate over at @everyhome_organizer during parts of this project! She is a pro organizer and declutterer! She will also be sharing tips in her stories so make sure you check in with her too!

Ok, now for the fun stuff!! I will be doing giveaways for those participating.

Here are the details...

GIVEAWAY!! I will be doing weekly giveaways for those participating, as well as a $50 giveaway at the end of the month! So not only do you get a nice, clean decluttered house, but you also get a chance to get a little extra cash and prizes! Here's how you enter... Follow me on Instagram (@themomhack), "Like" my March posts, Participate in Mom's March Madness (the more you participate, the more entries), and share on instagram that you are doing it!

NOTE: if you are a private account, consider going public for the month so I see your shares, OR screenshot your story after it's hbeen up for the day I can mark your entry!
It is going to feel SO GOOD when our houses are all declutted at the end of the month and I can't wait to see all your shares and do this together!!

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30 Free or Inexpensive Date Nights!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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DATE NIGHT. The best night of the week, amiright?! But paying for a sitter, and then going and paying for dinner/movie/game can add up SUPER fast... Not sure about you but we don't have that kind of money to spend each week.... So I compiled some of our free and inexpensive dates here so we all can go on more dates without breaking the bank! So let's go!

One-on-one dates!
  • go for a walk
  • Redbox/Netflix and pizza
  • picnic at a park
  • feed the ducks 
  • take a scenic drive
  • a less expensive dinner out
  • window shop
  • play board games
  • look at family photos
  • go stargazing
  • go out for dessert
  • take a workout class together 
  • tackle a DIY project together 
  • go on a hike
  • drive to the beach, or the mountains and spend the day (pack food from home)
  • cook dinner together at home
  • pick wildflowers together
  • geocaching
  • go to open houses and imagine life in that house
  • go to a flea market

Group dates
  • game night
  • play a sport
  • escape room
  • BBQ party, potluck style 
  • thrift store blitz (see who can come up with the wackiest outfit with a set budget)
  • scavenger hunt
  • Dance Party
  • Baking contest
  • Capture the flag or other outdoor games
  • Talent share night, have a friend teach everyone a new skill.

Note: a lot of the group dates could be One-on-One dates too and vice versa! Comment below any inexpensive or free dates you have been on and I will add them to the list!

Happy dating!

xo, Sharee

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Easy Coffee table DIY

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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I know what you're thinking.... "Easy, yeah... right...." Well, it's true! AND it won't even take you that long! If you follow along on INSTAGRAM, you know all about my coffee table search! Now, this all came about because I saw a one on Amazon that I liked, but we were already a little over budget on my LOFT REMOD so... I decided to go the slightly less expensive route, and make it! PLUS then I could have the table be the exact size I wanted. So, you want to know how I did it? Lets get started!

NOTE: The measurements can all be adjusted to the size you want your coffee table. Just make sure you adjust all the wood. This table ended up being....

Here is your list of materials you will need...
  • 2, 1x6x8 wood.
  • 2, 1x2x6 wood
  • 1 piece of 5/8 MDF dimensions, 42 1/2 x 21 5/8
  • Chop Saw
  • Hand sander
  • coarse sandpaper
  • fine sandpaper
  • wood glue
  • wood fill
  • Metal table legs
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic spray paint (optional)
  • Nail gun
  • Hammer
  • Screws
  • Wood stain
  • bristle brush
  • lint-free cloths
  • Finishing wax
  • Finishing wax brush
  • Wax cloths
Quick overview.... If you are a veteran at making furniture, then you can read through this and reference the rest of this blog post as needed, otherwise, skip this paragraph. Your 1x6s are going to be the table top, and they will b

e placed, glued and nail gunned on top of the MDF- the MDF will be help stabilize the top. Then the 1x2s will be attached around the whole top, and you'll 45* the corners. You'll then sand the top really well so it's nice and smooth and distress with the hammer, screws, and coarse sandpaper. After than, you can fill the gaps and nail gun holes with wood fill. Let that dry for a while, at least a few hours, and then stain! Allow the stain to dry, and attach legs to the bottom! That's it! Below you will find detailed instructions.

First off, you can order table legs off Amazon! Who would have thought?! Anyway, THESE ARE THE TABLE LEGS I ordered, and you could also use these HAIRPIN LEGS. But I thought they would clash with my rug, and I couldn't have that. ha! When they arrived, I wanted the legs to match my other metal in the Loft, so I spray painted them with Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

Grab your 1x6s and cut them to length. Keep in mind that your 1x2s are going to go around ouside of them and cut the 1x6s 1.5" shorter than your final table size. For example... if you want your table to be 44" long, then you will want your 1x6s to be 42.5" long. I wanted our table 4 planks wide, so I cut four 1x6s to 42.5". Line these up nice and tight. 

Next, measure the length and width. Then cut your MDF to that size. (Note: we had extra MDF laying around so we didn't use a sheet of MDF, rather pieces that were cut to the length necessary to line up with the 1x6s. See photos below for reference.)

After your MDF is cut to size, attach the 1x6s to it. (We always use Titebond wood glue.) Apply glue to MDF and then line one 1x6 up on the MDF. Then use the nail gun to secure it in place. Do this with all the 1x6s. Allow glue time to dry. After the glue is dry, use the hand sander and sand the edges of the table to ensure they are nice and smooth. It will make attaching your 1x2s sooooo much easier! Note: You see my lining the MDF up on the 1x6, remember we were using up wood we had in our garage. The instructions are the same either way you do it and your table will end up looking like the one to the right, except the entire bottom of the table will be MDF.

Next, 1x2s! Now these are a little trickier because you are going to cut each corner on a 45* angle. (Now, you don't have to. You can just cut them end to end. and then sand. I just really like the look of the 45ed corners.) Measure the length of each side of the table, that will be the short side of your 1x2, 45* angle cut, or the side that will touch the 1x6, you want those two to line up perfectly so there are not many gaps in between the wood pieces. Measure, cut, and attach one side at a time. It will be easier and likely turn out better if you do it one at a time.

 When you're done, with the 1x2s your table top will look like this!

Now for the fun part! After you have all the 1x2s on, take your sand paper and sand REALLY WELL. Make everything line up as good as possible. Next, it's time to distress! Take your screw and hammer. And hammer the side of the screw onto the wood so the pattern of the screw thread is in the wood. Also, take the backside of the hammer and hit that on the table and then your coarse sand paper and sand, not to make it smooth, but to make scratches in the wood. I like to go against the grain of the wood for this. Do those things as much or as little as you want.

At this point, you can attach the legs to the bottom of the table. OR you can wait until the end, like i did. Either way works! You will turn the table top side down, and then measure where you want the legs. I made them 3.5" from each side. Pre-drill holes into your MDF, and then the screws go into the pre-drilled holes.

Next, fill in the nail gun holes and large gaps between the pieces of wood. Allow your wood fill to dry and when it's dry, take the fine sandpaper and softly sand the places that you filled, then wipe the table clean with lint-free cloth. 

You are now ready to stain! You can choose whatever color you want! If you are using a stain that is new to you, i recommend trying it on a scrap piece of wood to make sure you like it. I used a combination of these two stains. Brush the stain on with a bristle brush and then wiping the excess with a lint-free cloth, you can even use the same one you used to wipe after you sanded! 
Allow stain to dry.

I like to allow stain to dry all night. After it's dry, apply a finishing wax! My favorite is this one made by BBFROSCH. Hands down, I've tried others and this is my FAVE. Also this brush. The best! You'll also want these WAX CLOTHS. Apply the wax with the brush, and wipe off and buff when the wax cloths. Easy as that! If you want to watch a quick video on this technique, CLICK HERE. I suggest doing small 1-2' sections at a time. This wax will dry and harden really fast! One of the reasons I love it!

And then voila! Your table is DONE! Enjoy!!

Happy building and can't wait to see your projects! 
Tag me on INSTAGRAM so I can share your post! 

xoxo, Sharee

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How to achieve the perfect blend of Boho Farmhouse!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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I had someone send me a message the other day on INSTAGRAM asking about combining the two styles of boho and farmhouse. It seems all the rage right now in the decor world. And I gotta say, it's my JAM! I love mixing the two styles! Soooo for my last week of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and as I finally reveal all the nooks and crannies of our loft, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to achieve the perfect blend of Boho Farmhouse!

So lets get started!

TIP 1... First things first, you need to decide what it is you like about the boho and farmhouse styles.. For me, and for the purpose of this post, I have found that the easiest way to mix the two is to focus on the two major design elements of them... The industrial look of the metals and woods from farmhouse, and the textures, layers, and charm of Boho. Wooden tables with metal legs, metal curtain rods and wood shelves, etc!

TIP 2... For any room you are decorating, you're going to want to start with your large furniture items. For our loft, I wanted them to be items that we will love and enjoy for a long time. I LOVE this CABINET that I got from Amazon, and we already had this COUCH  from RC Willey. Then I loved this COFFEE TABLE from Amazon, but decided I wanted to make one instead of buy one. (That blog post and tutorial is coming SOON!!) All these items have that farmhouse feel, but the cabinet also has a little boho vibe because of the chevron design, color, and finish. Pay attention to the design of the items you choose. Try to find things that are unique to your taste, simple, and easily adaptable to both styles. 

TIP 3... One of the reasons I LOVE the cabinet I chose is because of the storage it has! We put all our games in it and are able to turn around and play on the coffee table I built. It warms my heart thinking ahead to all the fun we will have in here! I, also, had these old floor pillows from my parents house that I loved growing up and they were still in really good condition, so instead of going out and spending a bunch of money on new pillows, I recovered the ones we had.... (I am not a seamstress so I'm afraid there will not be a tutorial on recovering pillows... remember the instagram stories?! hahahah) But I wanted my kids to be able to grab a floor pillow and sit on it while we play games, or they could lay on them on the floor while we have family movie night! They also used them for building forts and I was not about to take that fun away from them. Ha! 

TIP 4... Another great way to mix Boho and Farmhouse is with your textiles! (Textiles refers to anything that is woven.. pillow covers, rugs, curtains, throw blankets, etc) Farmhouse patterns are stripes, buffalo check, solid colors with words, etc, while Boho patterns have more leather, fringe, tassels, and poms. I gathered a bunch of pillows from Homegoods, Woven Nook, and then I recovered some pillows I already had with the leftover fabric I had from the floor pillows. Boho-Farmhouse is more about having an overall cohesivness than matchy pillows, so try to feel free to gather a mix of textures and patterns with your pillows and throw blankets! 

When I found THESE CURTAINS from Amazon I fell in LOVE! They are solid, and white, and have a little lace down the sides and along the bottom. A perfect mix of Boho and Farmhouse!

TIP 5... Wall art! If you are doing wall paper, a large mural, or any type of big wall covering, try to choose something neutral that can serve as Boho or Farmhouse. THIS WALLPAPER from Home Depot was the exact wall covering I was looking for! I loved that it was neutral but still eye catching and I felt it would be perfect with the board and batten we installed. (See related links at the end of this post for wallpaper and Board and batten installation tips) Since this is where we hang a lot I wanted my family to feel like this really was their space! Adding a photo ledge shelf with family photos, was exactly what I was looking for to bring familiarity and comfort to the space. Plus I like that the shelf is wood (hello Farmhouse!) and has a low profile. I didn't want it to stick out too far from the wall! 

Some other really cute, and really boho things you can add to your wall is baskets and macrames! You can sometimes find cute baskets at your local thrift stores, OR find a vintage shop like THE SALTED OLIVE and buy some from there! And I LOVED the idea of a hanging plant macrame, so I asked THE WOVEN WILLOW to make me one! I LOOOVE how this little corner turned out! Let's just all cross our fingers that my kids don't start playing with that macrame. hahah!

TIP 6... Something I LOVE about Boho decor is how unique each space can be. Boho is more about your lifestyle, showcasing unique items, and letting things live where they fall. So, I thought about what we like to do in our loft and I designed around that. I knew before I started that I wanted it to be a retreat for my family. A place where we could watch movies and play games, read books or cozy up with hot chocolates, and even have epic dance parties if we want to! I also wanted the space to be stylish.. with design elements that will allow for LIVING.

My goal was that we would all feel at home and comfortable and I feel like I achieved that!!


Thank you SO MUCH for following along with my Loft project! It means so much to me that youa re here! Participating in the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE has been such a fun challenge!!! Am I going to do it again? PROBABLY! I have learned so much and could not have done it without YOU! Make sure you go check them out all the other participants, so inspiring!

Have a friend you think would like this post? Share it with them! Or repin on Pinterest!

And I will see ya over on good ol' IG!

Happy decorating my friends!

xo, Sharee

Bonus tip.... Use functional knick knacks like Mr llama here. He's holding all our checkers pieces. Llamas are totally boho, but he's also wood, leaning back into that farmhouse vibe! 

And lest we all forget, here are the BEFORE pictures of my loft! Just 6 weeks ago!!

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Stay fit during quarantine!

Life is a little less crazy right now than normal right? Corona virus has us all staying home as much as possible which means we are all les...

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