Best Eyeshadow for Brown eyes!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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I did a poll the other day in my Facebook group, The Makeup Hack, and almost every single woman said their favorite part of them was their EYES! I can't blame them, everyone's eyes are perfectly unique and beautiful in their own stunning way. So why not enhance them with the PERFECT eyeshadows?? Now, I don't know about you, but picking which eyeshadows are the best for different eye colors has been so intimidating to me! So I have researched, read articles, and searched Pinterest and I have come up with the BEST eyeshadows for the different eye colors!

So let's talk about the color wheel... It's really not a secret which colors make which eye colors POP! You find your eye color on the wheel, Such as this one...

And go to the opposite side, and voila! Those colors and the surrounding colors are your ideal. ❤

For this post, I am sharing which Maskcara Beauty eyeshadows are BEST for brown eyes.... Their eyeshadows blend like butter, if you haven't tried them, trust me, you need to! Find your perfect colors below.

To shop Maskcara eyeshadows, CLICK HERE

You can find the best eyeshadows for blue eyes, HERE.

Comment below any questions you might have or email me as

Happy blending, my friends! 


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20 farmhouse things you NEED for Spring from Ikea!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Spring is just around the corner and I am getting that itch to give my house that fresh, renewed feel that comes every year after Winter... So I have been searching high and low for inexpensive, Spring-ey farmhouse pieces to add to my home decor this year, and guess where I found some AMAZING things?! IKEA!! Now if you're anything like me, when you go to Ikea and you have to plan to spend at least half the day there, partly because you get lost, and partly because it's a gigantic store and you just want to spend the whole day exploring and finding all the cute things. Well, the other day, I went searching, and Ikea did NOT disappoint!

Here are 18 farmhouse pieces you need for Spring from Ikea! And you don't even have to go and spend half your day searching because I have the online link for them too, you're welcome! 

First let's do all the white things! (Forgive the US dollar amounts if you're reading from another country.)

1. This white serving tray! It's only $8.99!! It's metal, and SO cute for making a display or serving up something yummy for spring.
2. This White pitcher. It's also metal! And comes in at $14.99. Perfect for displaying a fresh bouquet of flowers. You could even tie a ribbon or some burlap around it for some added texture. 

3. This white hanging planter! It's $9.99 per planter, and SO cute!!
4. This Small pitcher. It's the perfect little milk/cream pitcher. Or another place to display some flowers. And only $4.99!
5. This white planter. It's metal with little wooden feet. SO cute! I will link some little plants later that  are PERFECT for displaying in it! Or you can go the real plant route if you have a green thumb! PS this planter is only $9.99.

 6. This white hanging planter. There is something about this cute little planter that reminds me of a doily. And doilies scream Spring and easter to me. I love the lace-like pattern around the top. And at only $5.99 a pop, you can get three and make a cute hanging garden.
7. This cute white greehouse! It's $29.99 and you can start all your herbs and veggies in it before you plant them outside! Or if you kill plants, like me, you can put some cute fake plants in it!

 8. This cute white planter. It's only $4.99 and it's perfect for either keeping craft supplies clutter free, or for planting your favorite spring flowers for your kitchen window.
 9. This white and wood bowl. Perfect for storing your yummy, fresh spring fruits and veggies. It's $12.99.
10. This mini bowl. It would be SO cute for individual little cakes or tarts. And it would be great for other holidays year round! And it's only $2.99 so you could get one for everyone in the fam!

11. This pie plate! ! It's only $6.99, and would be a perfect addition to your springy dinner table! You could put a yummy dessert, quiche, or even dress a yummy ham on it! 

12. This white lantern! Nothing says spring, like the sweet designs on this lantern. It would go perfectly on your front entry table! And it's only $12.99!

Now for the items that are not white! If you like farmhouse, you will LOVE these!

13. This metal planter! First of all, this is only $0.49!! Super cheap! And you can plant your favorite plants in it, or use it by your kitchen sink for the soap and scrubber storage! Really, when its only 50 cents, and it's a galvanized metal pot, you just have to buy it and find a spot for it! I got some fake plants to put in it. (Remember, real plant killer. haha)

14. This metal hanging planter rack! It's only $7.99 and I want to get it and hang it on my kids' playhouse in my backyard! Maybe I will even put real plants in it, and put them in charge of keeping them alive!
15. This grassy fake plant! It's only $5.99 and it's the perfect plant to put on your spring table! You could put this in any of the above planters! 

16. This fake plant! I LOVE the white tips of this! Adding greenery to any room, instantly brings the room to life! This one is $4.99, there is also a good selection of other fake plants at Ikea you can find them HERE.
FEJKA Artificial potted plant, thyme

17. This jute rug! Bringing a natural-fibers rug will bring the outside in and liven up any room. I LOVE my Jute rug in my front entryway! It gave the room a breath of fresh air when we put it in there. This one is $139.
18. This wood bowl. It's $19.99, and I am a HUGE fan of bringing wood into a space. So many old vintage things are made from wood, so bringing in something wood will bring in the texture of that modern farmhouse!
19. This wooden stand! We already talked about bringing wood into a room, so we can all drool together over this wooden platter! And it's only $12.99!
20. This 3-tiered metal stand! You guys, this is only $19.99!! I found it down by checkout... The other day when I went, my budget was maxed out by the time I got to this.. but I guess that means I will just have to go back! 

Seriously IKEA is full of sooooo many farmhouse finds! These are just 20... Have you found items there that are perfect for the modern farmhouse?? Please comment below and let us know!

And remember sharing is caring!

Happy decorating!


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